Fiscal representation

Services included in monthly fiscal representation


  • Verbal and written advice
  • IVA declarations (quarterly and annual)
  • Declaration of quarterly payments (papers modelo 130 and 131)
  • Annual Tax Declaration (for the owner of the SL)
  • Annual tax declaration for operations of more than 3.005,06 Euros
  • Quarterly inter-community tax declarations
  • Quarterly declaration of rentals
  • Annual tax declaration of rentals
  • Declaration of non-residents with permanent establishment (modelo 200)
  • Declaration of non-residents without permanent establishment (modelo 210)
  • Declaration modelo 211 – retention on transmission of property of non-residents
  • Declaration modelo 213 – extraordinary obligation on property of non-resident companies
  • Applications for Residencia Certificate


Official Documents:

  • Grant applications
  • Modification of census
  • Requirements and resources for the Delegation of Hacienda
  • Paperwork related to IAE (Tax on Economical Activities) such as modifications, altas, bajas, etc
  • Application for postponement of taxes
  • Monthly news on fiscal matters
  • Inscriptions at the land registry of property, modifications, segregations
  • Liquidation and paperwork of purchase deeds, donations and inheritances. Liquidation of modelo 600.


Inspections from Hacienda

  • This includes all management, meetings, and representation of clients in the event of an inspection, necessary resources, reviewing the documentation to present, for those contracted with our company.

For those not contracted with our company all the above will be done, at a cost per hour.